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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update: The Golden Phoenix

Hey, wow, it's beem ages since I was here, but you see I have been working almost non-stop on the new novel "The Golden Phoenix". I'm about half way through now, approximately 60,000 words so far. The story has gone from present day Britain to sixteenth century India, back to present day Britain, seventeenth century India, eighteenth century Siam (Thailand), Britain yet again and now we're in eighteenth century China at the court of the Qing Dynasty Emperor, Qianlong.

Jill Howard, who I interviewed here before, is hot on the trail of the Goldebn Phoenix, but for the longest time she hasn't known exactly what it is. She has an idea now, though, but it still doesn't really help her very much. She is using some of the people who helped her find the jade carving you can read about in novel number one "Jade Hunter" (eBook and paperback at either Amazon or Double Dragon Publishing) and her partner, Richard, is hepingg her as we;ll. She's been commissioned to find the Golden Phoenix, but she's about to find out that her employer isn't exactly what he appears to be.

Stay tuned!