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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Novel Number Three

I've had two books published: Jade Hunter in 2007 and The Devil At My Heels in June of this year. As soon as one was published, I began thuinking about the next one, and so now I'm trying to sort out what to do for number three.

I have rough outlines completed for six plots and I think I have finally decided what the choice will be.

My first novel told the story of the search for a large jade sculptire created in Ming Dynasty China, alternating with the story of the sculpture itself and what adventures it had down through the centuries. The character searching for the sculpture was Jill Howard, and I think I wll tell a story about another one of her searches. The working title is The Golden Phoenix, and the premise willbe similar to that of Jade Hunter.

A gold statue of a phoenix is made in China to celebrate the end of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and the start of the Ming - a Chinese Dynasty - in 1368. The statue lives through all manner of social and political upheavals, is owned by various Chinese emerors and wealthy families in China and elsewhere. Jill, having received  much publicity for her discovery of the jade sculpture, is commissioned to fins it, and thise twi stiry lines, interwoven, will constitute the book.

Research is now well underway, and I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, the next blog post will be an interview with Jill so you can get to meet her. Jade Hunter is available as an eBook or in paperback at Double Dragon Publishing and in Kindle at Amazon. Kobo, Nook etc. formats are also available.